Monday, 24th November 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gorenje Wins the TOP 10 Award for the Seventh Consecutive Year

Gorenje Wins the TOP 10 Award for the Seventh Consecutive Year

This year, Gorenje again received the TOP 10 Education Management Award 2008. Planet GV and Institute of Education Management Sofos selected 10 most successful companies / organizations with the biggest scope of investment into employee knowledge. The recipients of the award were announced on November 19th during the traditional Education Management Conference.

Upon receiving the TOP 10 Award, Mrs. Milena Pirnat Bahun, assistant to the executive director of Gorenje Education Centre, commented: "These awards were presented for the seventh time this year, and Gorenje has thus far always been ranked among those Slovenian companies that invest most heavily and systematically into knowledge and development of employees. Appropriate organization of education and training, and availability of programs to a large number of employees, as well as innovative programs at all levels and in all processes is Gorenje's key to providing high competence of our workers to pursue and attain the goals of the company. We will continue to invest every effort to offer educational programs and activities in order to train highly competent and motivated employees."

Among 13 applicants, the jury evaluated the direct link between education and business strategy, systematic collection of new knowledge and motivating the discovery and transfer of silent knowledge, providing the employees the option to test and expand their newly acquired skills, and whether the company or organization is motivating the education of all employees.