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Gorenje, d.d.
Investor Relations

IRO: Mrs. Bojana Rojc
Address: Partizanska 12, SI - 3320 Velenje, Slovenia
Tel.: +386 (0)3 899 13 45
Fax: +386 (0)3 899 25 27

Parent company Gorenje, d.d.: Public limited company since 1997, after the conclusion of the ownership transformation

Nominal value of share capital: EUR 101,415,882.14 / Court register, Celje, No.Srg 2018/37801, 11th October 2018

Number of ordinary registered shares: 24,303,302 shares / Court register, Celje, No.Srg 2018/37801, 11th October 2018

Own shares: 0 shares / Court register, Celje, No.Srg 2018/37801, 11th October 2018 

Stock exchange listing: GRVG

Nominal share value
:  SIT 1,000 (up to 21st Dec 2006) 

No par value share: 1 no par value share (from 22nd Dec 2006 – from the date of entry of changes in the articles of association in the court register) 

Issued shares: Are of the same class and entitle their holders to proportional management i.e. one vote per share. 


Rights arising from the ownership of shares GRVG

All shares issued are the usual name shares.

The shares give individuals:

  • management rights, whereby each share gives its legal owner one vote,
  • in respect to their participation in the nominal capital, each owner has a relative right to receive dividends,
  • owners are entitled to receive a compensation of their relative share of the remaining equity after a liquidation or bankruptcy.

Issuing of shares (information about the initial sale of shares GRVG)

  • All shares are issued according to the Ownership transformation programme in Gorenje, d.o.o.
  • In a decision No. 11/156/AG-96 the Slovenian Securities Market Agency (ATVP) authorised the public sale of Gorenje’s shares on 16th Jul 1996.

Agency for stock market

: Poljanski nasip 6, SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Tel.: +386 (0)1 280 04 00
Fax: +386 (0)1 280 04 30
E-mail: WebMaster@a-tvp.si
Web page: https://www.a-tvp.si/eng/

Transfer of shares GRVG

  • The shares were issued in a non - material form and were registered in the central registry of the KDD (Central Securities Clearing Corporation), Tivolska 48, SI - 1000 Ljubljana on 27th May 1998.
  • All shares are issued with a name and are freely transferable.

KDD, d.d.

Address: Tivolska 48, SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel.: +386 (0)1 307 35 00 
Fax.: +386 (0)1 307 35 08 
E-mail: info@kdd.si
Web page: https://www-en.kdd.si/

Paying out the dividends

  • In the midterm plan Gorenje d.d. adapted its dividend policy to the financial and investment strategies of the company. In doing this, however, it was not neglect the expectations and interests of its investors who are quite diverse. Because in the past Gorenje invested in its development only finances which corresponded to their available depreciation they will try to increase investments in the future which will mean that they will also need some of their current profits. In overall, the dividend policy is thus subordinated to the capital structure policy.
  • The turning date for which the beneficiaries for dividends is drawn and the date for paying out the dividends is determined according to the Regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d.

Trading with GRVG shares

  • Before shares became listed in the Quotation A of the stock exchange, Gorenje’s shares GRVG were traded on the free marked of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.
  • The shares of Gorenje, d.d., GRVG have been traded within the Quotation of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange since 10th Nov 2000.
  • The shares of Gorenje, d.d., GRVG have been traded within the Prime Quotation of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange since 3rd Oct 2005.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Address: Slovenska cesta 56, SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel.:  +386 (0)1 471 02 11
Fax.:  +386 (0)1 471 02 13
E-mail: info@ljse.si
Web page: www.ljse.si

As of December 30, 2013 Gorenje shares listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Abbreviation GRV)

The Warsaw Stock Exchange

Address: ul. Ksiazeca 4, 00-498 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.:  +48 22 628 32 32
Fax.:  +48 22 628 17 54
E-mail: gpw@gpw.pl
Web page: www.gpw.pl