Press room IFA 2017

Gorenje by Ora ïto collection

Time to reconnect with a pinch of magic

Gorenje presents the new technologically and visually exceptional collection of Gorenje home appliances designed by Ora ïto. The extended line of major – and now for the first time ever – small kitchen appliances Gorenje by Ora ïto stands out with striking visual simplicity, technological advancements, and intuitive user-experience, rounded off with a pinch of magic, thus turning cooking into a magical experience.
Collaboration between Gorenje and Ora ïto, which started over a decade ago, developed almost naturally as both are dedicated to a vision that places design, originality, quality and technological perfection above all else. The evolution of their collaboration is reflected in the latest extended, upgraded and simply magical Gorenje by Ora ïto collection. If the first Gorenje by Ora ïto collection reflected Ora ïto’s signature style, the so-called simplexity, “the art of stripping an object of its complexity and highlighting the beauty of its simplicity,” as Ora ïto described it, then the new collection represents the evolution of his distinctive and now even more refined style. It also represents an evolution of technology as every piece of the Gorenje by Ora ïto collection of home appliances features cutting-edge technology, while the simple, clean lines form a timeless and elegant design, connecting different elements of the entire collection. 

Appliances made of premium durable materials (all available in black or white), mixed with metal additions, forge a timeless futuristic image that stands the test of time, rises above the passing trends, and subtly conveys the message that there is something magical going on in the kitchen.

Gorenje by Ora ïto collection is a unique 100% matching designer collection of home appliances. The comprehensive range of major home appliances, rated in the highest energy efficiency classes, includes fridge freezers, ovens, microwave ovens, cooking hobs, hoods and dishwashers. Gorenje by Ora ïto collection now for the first time also includes a range of matching designer small kitchen appliances. 

Cooling appliances for magically fresh fruits and vegetables

Premium materials and superior craftmanship of the Gorenje by Ora ïto freestanding fridge freezers will leave you anything but cold. They support sustainable operation and provide a very intuitive user experience, which reflects Gorenje’s dedication to make our everyday life more simplified. In that manner, they come equipped with energy efficient, cutting-edge, adaptable technology, such as: AdaptTech with sensors that adjust refrigerator operation to user's habits, and the IonAir with MultiFlow 360° that maintains the perfect climate and prevents unpleasant odours inside the fridge freezer, thus prolonging the freshness of your food. 

Abracadabra, ovens for perfectly baked results!

The range of Gorenje by Ora ïto ovens includes conventional, pyrolytic, compact microwave, and compact steam ovens with exceptional functionality, tailored to the demanding users’ needs. They boast extra-large volume for baking and numerous innovative and user-friendly features like the HomeMade shape for baking results like in a traditional wood-burning oven, and the option of baking in up to five levels simultaneously. Furthermore, the compact steam oven with PureSteam provides a magically simple way to healthy dishes, ingeniously baked with ‘just steam’: first a cloud of pure steam is distributed all over the oven, without any drops of water that could make the food soggy; then, a special fan distributes the steam evenly, giving the food a magically tender feel. There is also a convenient warming drawer with a front panel made of white or black glass to appear as an aesthetic extension to the oven, which further simplifies even more kitchen tasks, e.g. by keeping food, drinks or tableware warm, defrosting, or even making delicious yoghurt. Also available is the versatile and highly functional range of microwave ovens with pre-set programs for an even faster preparation of healthy food. 

Cooking hobs for magically simple cooking experience

The range of glass ceramic and induction hobs is minimalist, in black or white, with horizontal lines marking the cooking zones that boast extreme functionality, always ready for action. A magically simple cooking experience is made possible thanks to a range of advanced, practical technological solutions like the fast heating function PowerBoost on induction hobs or the PowerZone on the glass ceramic hobs with the HiLight zones, and the BoilControl feature that prevents food from boiling over etc. And all it takes is just a single touch on the highly responsive touch control panel to start the magic on Gorenje by Ora ïto hobs.

Kitchen hoods … or state-of-the art pieces that boast designer’s magical touch

Yes, Gorenje by Ora ïto kitchen hoods are that aesthetically impressive. Wall-mounted, island, and integrated extracting hoods stand out with minimalist and clean design, further elevated by superior materials (available in black or white). Gorenje by Ora ïto hoods provide a stylish home for the range of advanced technological solutions that ensure extremely silent extraction of steam and odours, thereby ensuring lasting magical freshness in the kitchen. Gorenje by Ora ïto hoods are also equipped with environmentally friendly LED lighting and provide a clear and bright view of the magic happening on the hob.

Dishwashers. When brilliantly washed dishes are reality, not an illusion

They can handle up to 16 place settings at once and will signal the end of the washing cycle by automatically opening the door at a slight angle. What appears as a magic trick is in fact the convenient TotalDry technology; but you can still rely on the magic of the Auto programme to automatically choose the optimal dishwashing program, one of the many features that contribute to overall maximum energy efficiency. 

Gorenje by Ora ïto collection of small kitchen appliances – magician’s favourite assistants in the kitchen

Gorenje by Ora ïto collection of matching small kitchen appliances boast Ora ïto’s magical touch, resulting in what is the perfect combination of sophisticated technology, futuristic and elegant design, environmentally friendly lighting and high-quality material. 

In a kitchen equipped with Gorenje by Ora ïto appliances, you are the magician and these appliances are your new assistants. Blend, mix, weigh and create with the greatest ease. Small kitchen appliances created by Ora-Ïto are magically simple and as intuitive as possible. The range includes blenders, hand blenders, hand mixers, kettles, kitchen scales and toasters, all available in black or white with metal additions, with user-friendly design for a better and more comfortable grip and handling. Feel them. Touch them. And enjoy the timeless perfection of elegant design.