Press room IFA 2017

Gorenje cooking heroes

Time to reconnect with those you love

Kitchen is quickly taking over as the heart and hub of a household. It’s a place for gathering, sharing, enjoying the food made with love, and through that, the time to reconnect with those you love. To maximize the joy of making food for the entire family, without the cooking process being a burden, Gorenje presents cooking appliances with highly-advanced features and details that provide a much more simplified, pleasant, safe, and above all carefree user experience, resulting in healthy and delicious dishes.

Freestanding cooker, made to fit the user and the kitchen

Elegant, clean lines of the new Gorenje freestanding cookers and neutral exteriors of respective models (available in white, brown, black or stainless steel, beige or inox look) blend with the style of your existing kitchen so seamlessly that cookers appear as if they are custom-made, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The combination of top-notch materials and just the right amount of minimalist design will convince even the most unskilled cook to grab a pan and explore the tasty culinary world. A wider set of Gorenje cooker features presents an excellent starting point for creativity in the kitchen. Why wait for the summer with recipes that involve grilling? New cooker with gas oven has the innovative and one-of-a-kind ClosedDoor Grilling feature, making the latest Gorenje cooker with a gas oven the first and currently the only cooker in the market that allows grilling while the oven doors remain completely closed. This way the oven and the knobs remain cool to touch, and the smells released during grilling remain locked inside the oven. Until it is time to serve and impress, that is.

Gorenje’s new cookers also come with a HomeMade oven with innovative rounded shape that, together with the MultiAir smart system for steady air circulation and the highly reflective enamel, guarantees excellent baking results with all flavours and textures that were once possible only by baking in a wood-burning oven. This way, food is baked to golden, crispy perfection on the outside while remaining juicy on the inside, topped off with rich flavours. Let the HomeMade oven be the source of inspiration for reconnecting with those you love, so get encouraged to recreate the nostalgic recipes that once required a wood-burning oven and start creating new memories. Ovens further boast XXL volume  and large and deep XXL baking trays that allow you to bake more, much more. In fact, you can bake several dishes in up to four levels simultaneously while the advanced MultiAir technology provides optimum circulation of air in the oven, leading to the best baking results at all levels. With energy savings made possible by the new cookers that achieve energy class ratings of up to A+, and your joy for baking, the only thing in short supply will be the stock of ingredients for bigger cooking challenges.

At Gorenje, we firmly believe that technology should adapt to users’ lifestyle, not the other way around. Therefore, our cooking appliances perfectly adapt to your family’s cooking habits. Is there a fussy eater who never wants what everyone else is having? Or are you finally ready to try out that recipe that requires cooking in an extra-large pot? New Gorenje freestanding cookers with induction cooktops have cooking zones that adjust to the pot you want to use. With the Bridge Zone feature that merges two cooking zones into one large zone, you can prepare bigger and/or several different dishes at the same time, satisfying different tastes while still reconnecting at the family dinner.

The new range of Gorenje cookers, presented at IFA 2017, come in several combinations: gas oven and gas hob, or electric oven with a gas hob, an induction hob or a HiLight hob. They might look different, but they all share important characteristics: versatility, functionality, and flexibility to the users’ needs.

Kitchen hoods, inspired by the power of fresh air

Nature is full of wonders that we will never cease to discover and full of inspiration waiting to be translated into remarkable, user-friendly technology. And just like fresh air, kitchen, too, can be a source of inspiration, and cooking can be a mind-clearing experience. With the right appliances, of course. Well aware of the power of fresh air and the inconvenience that the pesky smells in the kitchen can present, Gorenje developed a line of high-performing hoods that quickly and efficiently remove odours, steam and vapour from the kitchen, leaving nothing but fresh air.  

The new models of Gorenje hoods models feature the unique AdaptTech with a sensor that measures the level of impurities or steam in the air, and actively adjusts the hood's operations. The more steam, humidity or gasses it detects, the faster the fans work, only to automatically shut down, when sensed, that air has been purified and venting is no longer needed. Air extraction is faster, more targeted, more efficient, and makes less noise. The result? Carefree cooking in a very well-ventilated kitchen, knowing that even if a recipe goes wrong, Gorenje hoods will eliminate all smelly proofs of any mishap. Just to be extra sure, the innovative control slider enables easy and immediate power and light intensity adjustment with a light touch on the highly-responsive touch panel, ensuring that you never miss a glance over your cooking hobs. Furthermore, to ensure optimal performance at all times, the latest models feature a cleaning indicator with a sensor that can perceive when optimum hood performance is impaired, letting you know with a light symbol on the control panel that it’s time to clean or replace the filter. 

The new Gorenje hoods are made of high-quality and durable materials such as stainless steel and glass with special FingerTouchFree coating on the metal parts of the hood, which makes the surface resistant to fingerprints, and cleaning an easy, breezy task. Environment-friendly and thoughtfully developed technology results in lower energy consumption, so the new models also boast higher energy-efficiency ratings (A+) and even higher guaranteed user-satisfaction.

New Gorenje ProCook steam ovens. When steamy equals healthy

A healthy diet is the key to successful tackling of everyday challenges in the increasingly fast-paced lifestyle. That’s why we appreciate quickly prepared yet healthy and delicious dishes. Did you know that food prepared with steam maintains its consistency, preserves textures, and retains colour, flavours, vitamins and minerals? So, it is not only much healthier, but it also tastes much better.
To ease your way toward making healthier choices and a healthier you, and even becoming a household version of a pro cook, Gorenje presents the Color Touchscreen ProCook Steam Oven, the combined steam oven with 3 in 1 operating modes: steaming, hot air baking and a combination of the two. The technologically advanced combi steam oven boasts excellent steaming performance that requires zero drops of water, just PureSteam, a feature that relies on the highly efficient steam generator to extract water from the steam, leaving just a cloud of pure steam. And because there is not even a drop of water, food won’t become soggy, just tastier and of better consistency. The new ProCook Steam Oven with the Color Touchscreen also enables sous vide cooking: with the SousVide mode, you are just one step away from a tasty, perfect and conveniently prepared dish as the preset functions steam the food in a vacuum-sealed bag at low temperatures. Cooking this way guarantees that the food preserves all vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, as well as rich flavours and textures. In a Gorenje combi steam oven, you can quickly sous-vide a juicy, just-tender-enough steak, crunchy vegetable sides, even desserts and yoghurts … 

When recipe calls for baking, you can switch to the hot air baking option and count on the HomeMade oven to serve the best-tasting and evenly baked dishes. Thanks to the rounded shape inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, the HomeMade oven enables hot air to move around freely, heating and baking the food evenly and just perfectly inside and out. Advanced recipes may call for superior models of combined steam ovens with the MultiFlow 360˚ ventilation system that enables baking on up to five levels, with perfectly and evenly baked results on each level. 

Achieving tasty and perfectly baked results is becoming easier and more effortless than ever before as you can rely on automatic programmes with the StepBake function to guide you through to the best baking results possible. All you have to do is choose the dish type and weight from over 80 preset recipes and select the baking setting via the highly-intuitive Color Touchscreen ProCook interface, and you can already redirect your attention to more important things while your Gorenje oven prepares the perfect dish. 

Perfect performance is further complimented by beautiful design of the Gorenje Color Touchscreen ProCook Steam Oven that was also recognized and awarded with the notable Red Dot 2017 design award. Gorenje multifunctional oven stood out with its elegant design that seamlessly fits into a variety of kitchen settings while its combination of glass surfaces, inox, smart interior settings, and complex technology translated into extremely easy-to-use features and the intuitive Color Touchscreen ProCook interface make it ultimately user-friendly.