Revolutionary IQcook technology from Gorenje

A remarkable novelty presenting a revolution in cooking

Gorenje is premiering a remarkable novelty: the top class IQcook induction hob that simplifies cooking in a revolutionary way. Innovative IQ sensor technology in the cooking hob and on the cookware lid guarantees completely safe and controlled cooking process.
Gorenje’s new incredibly intelligent and highly sensitive IQ Sensors automatically adjust the operation of the hob and eliminate the need for continuous manual control of the progress of cooking so users can maximise their time while their meals cook. Nor need to worry when something unexpected happens – the phone rings, the kids need something, or that urgent chore that needs doing: nothing will burn or boil over ever again. But the new technology not only saves precious time by optimising the cooking temperature but it also saves energy. The IQcook cooking hob can even save up to 40% in energy consumption compared to conventional induction technology hobs.

Flexible, versatile automation

The new induction hobs are based on Gorenje's new generation XtremePower induction hobs which have been upgraded with sensor technology for safe, controlled cooking. IQcook makes cooking easy with preset cooking and frying modes; at the same time it also allows  for more conventional cooking modes, jus like all other cooking hobs. And the user-adjusted preset operating modes represent a remarkable new approach, allowing the choice of five preset cooking and frying modes:

  1. Cooking with a plenty of water for dishes that require more water, like soups and pasta. A preset cooking mode brings the contents of the pot to the boil and then maintains boiling temperature via communication with the IQ sensors.
  2. Steam cooking is - as another new and unique feature - a healthy way of preparing food, which better preserves nutrients and vitamins. With this cooking mode, very little water is added. As a result, the food is not overcooked, and retain its natural colour, juices, and flavour. The preset program controls the steaming and make sure the food is evenly steam-cooked.
  3. The Slow cooking has been adapted for grain and similar dishes that require a longer cooking times with slow preheating and light boiling, such as goulash, rice, chilli con carne, and polenta. And Slow is also good for reheating previously prepared and pre-cooked food.
  4. The preset Frying mode is used with a larger amounts of oil, and is just right for frying doughnuts, french fries and other deep-fry favourites.
  5. Grilling is yet another convenient preset mode that allows users to select how well done their dishes (like meat) are – choosing from three – low, medium, high – presents, ensuring the food is cooked evenly and remains juicy.

Safe from boiling over and burning

The system’s highly sensitive IQ sensors are the key, our proven, reliable helper. The patented SmartSense safety function prevents food from boiling over or burning: if the water evaporates entirely from the pot or pan, SmartSense automatically switches the cooking hob off. And you can forget about tedious cooktop cleanup – owing to the IQ sensors, dishes will never boil over again.

The revolutionary IQ sensor technology will be available in sets of cookware with IQ sensors integrated in the lid handle, as well as in the form of separate IQ sensors that can be attached to your existing cookware, and fit lids of any type or material.


  • Up to 40% of energy savings
  • 100% automatic cooking control
  • 100% safety from boiling over and burning
  • 100% active preservation of nutrients, vitamins and proteins




Effectively combining smart technology, excellent design, care for the environment and great value for over 60 years, Gorenje is constantly raising the bar of quality standards and consumer expectations for Europe’s leading domestic appliance manufacturers. Gorenje's quality and reputation are witnessed by numerous prestigious international awards including the Red Dot Design Award, Plus X AwardTM, Grüner Stecker prize, Get Connected Product of the Year Award, Product Innovation Award, Trusted Brand, Superbrands, Icograda Excellence Design Award, ICSID Excellence Design Award, Innovation of the year, to name but a few.