About parent company

Company name: Gorenje gospodinjski aparati, d.d.  

Abbreviated name: Gorenje, d.d. 

Registered address: Partizanska 12, SI - 3320 Velenje, Slovenia 

Telephone: +386 (0) 3 899 10 00 

Telefax: +386 (0) 3 899 28 00 

Management Board:
Mr. Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO
Mr. Branko Apat, Member
Mr. Peter Kukovica, Member
Mr. Drago Bahun, Member - Labour Director

Supervisory Board:
Mr. Marko Voljč, Chairman
Mr. Krešimir Martinjak, Deputy Chairman
Mr. Bernard C. Pasquier, Deputy Chairman
Mr. Uroš Slavinec, Deputy Chairman
Mrs. Corinna Claudia Graf, Member
Mr. Miha Košak, Member
Mr. Bachtiar Djalil, Member
Mr. Drago Krenker, Member
Mr. Jurij Slemenik, Member
Mr. Peter Kobal, Member

Auditors: Deloitte Revizija d.o.o.

Activity code:  27.510 Production of electricity operated household appliances

Registry number: 5163676

VAT number: SI 72615320

Court register file No.:  97/01 044, file no. 1/00461/00

Nominal value of share capital: EUR 101,922,103.97 (Court register, Celje, No.Srg 2014/32359, 18th August 2014)

Number of ordinary registered shares: 24,424,613 shares (Court register, Celje, No.Srg 2014/32359, 18th August 2014)

Nominal share value: SIT 1,000  (up to 21st Dec 2006)

No par value share: 1 no par value share (from 22nd Dec 2006 – from the date of entry of changes in the articles of association in the court register)

Stock exchange listing: GRVG (LSE) and GRV (WSE)

Issued shares: Are of the same class and entitle their holders to proportional management i.e. one vote per share.

Own shares: 121,311 shares or 0.4967% (31st December 2016)