Press releases

Velenje, Slovenia, 16.4.2014

Change of the financial calendar for the year 2014

Gorenje, d.d., hereby announces a change in the release dates for the Annual Report of the company Gorenje, d.d., and the Gorenje Group for the year 2013, and the Business Report for the company Gorenje, d.d., and the Gorenje Group in the period January–March 2014. Both documents (2013 Annual Report and Business Report for the first quarter of 2014) will be released on April 25, 2014. Announcement of the Annual Report was initially scheduled for April 18 while release of the first quarter report was scheduled for May 23. Moreover, Gorenje, d.d., has shifted back the release date for the Business Report for the period January–June 2014 as well: rather than on August 29, 2014 as initially scheduled, the semiannual report will be released on August 21, 2014.
Velenje, Slovenia, 10.4.2014

SILENT PERIOD: from 10 Apr. 2014 to 24 Apr. 2014

Gorenje, d.d. has a silent period of 15 days before each quarterly financial report announcement. During the silent period the company will not arrange meetings with investors, analysts, or the media.


Velenje, Slovenia / Sochi, Russia, 3.3.2014

Gorenje portable induction hob in Sochi

During the Winter Olympic games in Sochi Gorenje provided a portable induction hob to the team aMAZE for preparing hot and delicious home made culinary delights. Hot! Cool! Yours!


April 2, 2014 at 2 PM (CET)